Lake Gaston Hideaway

Marinas, Boats and Jet Ski Rentals


The closest marinas by water are Lake Gaston Water Sports, Holly Grove Marina and Morningstar Marina.  Morningstar and the Stonehouse Timber Lodge are the closest by land (the other two are on the north side of the lake, so 5 minutes by boat ends up being about 30-40 minutes by land.  All have gas.  Lake Gaston Water Sports and Morningstar have more boating supplies.  Holly Grove has an extensive fishing supply store, and also has good sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers.  Morningstar has a great grill for burgers & fries (etc.), and kids love feeding the fish off the docks.

A complete listing w/ Phone numbers is below.

Marina Phone Location Comments
Morningstar Marina (919) 267-3868 Littleton, NC Pontoon boat, Ski boat & Jet Ski rentals,
Grill (Awesome Burgers), Feed the fish
Lake Gaston Water Sports (434) 636-2175 Bracey, VA Pontoon boat rentals.  Boating, water ski and wake board supplies.
Stonehouse Timber Lodge (252) 586-3012 Littleton, NC Pontoon, Ski, Fishing boat & Canoe rentals, Convenience Store, Bait & Tackle Shop.
Holly Grove (434) 636-3455 Bracey, VA Pontoon boat rentals, Grill/Sandwiches, Convenience store, Bait & Tackle Shop.
Outdoor World (252) 586-4121 Littleton, NC Hand Scooped Ice Cream, Grill, Convenience Store
Americamps (434) 636-2668 Bracey, VA  
Washburn's Marina (252) 537-1335 Henrico, NC Grill, Deli, Convenience Store
Lake Gaston Resort (434) 577-2935 Gasberg, VA Convenience Store
Satterwhite Point (252) 438-4441 Henderson, NC Not on Lake Gaston


Boat Rentals

We recommend that you try in the following order:

  1. Morningstar
  2. Stonehouse Timber Lodge
  3. Lake Gaston Water Sports

Jet Ski Rentals

  1. Summer Rentals
    Contact: Brad Silver: e-mail: or phone: (252) 532-3537
  2. Morningstar Marina

Make sure you book early -- they go fast

Boat Repairs

I recommend Donnie Davis of Stateline marine (134 Warren County Acres Rd, Littleton, NC 27850).  Phone: (252) 586-7585.  He can come right out to the house for most repairs.  I've not used them, but I know that Lake Gaston Water Sports and Morningstar Marina also have parts and do repairs.